Creating And Designing An Ideal Restaurant Menu

When customers come to your restaurant the ambiance, lighting, music and décor are very important to create an experience. Even though it is quite underrated, the restaurant menu also plays an important role in bringing a customer’s attention to the menu items. While the style should reflect the image the restaurant is trying to portray, it should also be easy to handle, read and understand.
How Important is The Menu?
The menu plays an important rolein grabbing the customer’s attention when they are looking through the items, so it is a part of the marketing and advertising of your restaurant. The restaurant menu should be easy for the customer to handle without something large and bulky or that is hard to understand, and the type of material you choose should be quality card or paper.
Typography and Colour Scheme
Bold, clear typography would work well as it easy to understand and will attract the customer. The fonts should fit comfortably into the layout. Avoid using several different types of fonts or those that do not match the main headings and titles – go for typography that will suit the restaurant theme. For example, Old English style font might suit a restaurant that serves pub food or a flowing font might suit a French restaurant. The colours used on the menu can match the restaurant décor or colour scheme or the type of cuisine you are serving, so long as it looks tasteful. For example you can use coloured boxes or borders to highlight the best burger restaurant HK or signature pasta dish on the menu.
Photos and Menu Layout
While photos of food on the menu will definitely stimulate an appetite, it might put some people off if the real thing does not live up to the photos and adding too many photos can increase printing costs as well. If you use photos, hire a professional photographer so that the best burger or dessert on the menu will live up to its expectations. Other types of illustration or objects that represent the type of restaurant cuisine can be used too. Menu items should be present in an organised way so that the customer will find it easy to make an order. In addition to this, avoid making the prices the main focus of menu. Look here for further information regarding hamburger restaurant.
Having Different Menus
You can have smaller, foldable takeaway menus that are more simpler for those who want to check out the menu, and you can even have a separate menu for beverages as well. The online menu should also be designed for the restaurant website, but avoid uploading a scanned copy as it will not look good.