What You Should Know Prior To Choosing A Menu For A Corporate Event

Choosing a good event menu is not simple as you might think. You need to consider a few factors before picking out the food items. The guests who attend the event will be looking forward to enjoying good beverage and food. It is very important that good food and beverage is provided that the business individuals can network among themselves while enjoying what is offered. It is therefore, the responsibility of the organiser and the event planner to ensure that one of the best corporate caterers Sydney that is hired. 


The planning stage is very important because this is when you will be selecting your caterers. If the caterer will help you be hundred percent flexible then you can play around with the food items that you are selecting. You should also have a head count of those individuals so that the you can make not just the adequate amounts of food but also a little bit of extra to make sure that you will not run out of food.

The menus

There are a few menu options that any catering company will offer you. The chefs or the head of catering has designed these menus. You will have to decide if your event will be in the morning, afternoon or evening. If you are holding a mini party then catering finger food will be ideal. However, you can always include a few finger foods before the main meal, which will also help when serving any alcoholic beverages.

Plated or buffet?

You need to decide if you are going to use the plated option or the buffet option. A plated option means that it might take up to two an hour and a half to have everything served to you. Whereas, you can eat all courses within one hour and it is all you can eat.

Special needs

If you pay attention to your guests carefully, then you will need to consider the dietary requirements of those who will attend. You can inform the manager from the catering company about allergies for certain food items, requirements based on religion and other restrictions to the diet.


You need to have a cateringbudget in place before you make any final decisions. The budget will include all costs for catering, labour, chef charges, bartendering, and all service charges and taxes.

Do not forget that you need to consider other costs such as audio and all lighting costs, entertainment, decorations and event venue hiring fee.
Knowing these few things will help you plan everything out successfully.