How To Enjoy Your Work?

You have always enjoyed working for your boss because he is a jovial person and makes all his staff feel comfortable while working at office. There is never a dull day at work because your boss ensures that the stress levels of his staff are reduced during the day. There has never being a resignation at your work place because nobody wants to leave that kind of environment. Your boss is also in the habit of trying out something new for his staff from time to time to keep them interested in their work.

In house stage play

However you are in for a big surprise when your boss tells you that he is planning on having an in house stage play for his staff. You have no clue about stage plays and neither does the rest of the staff. But as usual your boss is confident that everything will work out well. However you are caught off guard when your boss tells you that he wants you to be the master of ceremonies at this event. You are speechless and from the look on your face your boss realises that you are freaking out. He assures you that it is no big deal because this is an in house stage play and there will be no outsiders watching the show.

Practice makes perfect

So you decide to take up the challenge that your boss has given you. You log on to the internet and check out the role of a master of ceremonies. It is only then that you realize that all you have to do is make some announcements at the start and end of the play and during the interval time. Now comes the day when all the staff has to practice for the play. All of you have a good time while practising and you start practising the speeches that you will have to make on the big day. Take a look at this offer a great coaching service that can suit your needs.

Costume and speech

You also decide to go for some training and enlist the services of the expert who are familiar with this type of work. The professionals tell you that you have to prepare your speech in advance and that it would be good if you can memorize the speech instead of reading out from a piece of paper. The experts also instruct you on what type of costume you should wear for the play and how you should carry yourself when reciting on stage. You are now finally on the temporary stage made in the office for the stage play and ready with your speech.